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Featuring the Harva​rd ManageMe​ntor Program

Offering MBA and DBA Graduate

 Diplomas in Business 


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$4,000 Scholarship Available if You 

Enroll Before August 31, 2019!

Managing Yourself

- Career Management 

- Delegating

- Goal Setting

- Leveraging Your Networks 

- Managing Your Boss 

- Meeting Management 

- Presentation Skills

- Stress Management 

- Time Management 

- Writing Skills 

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Managing Others 

- Change Management 

- Coaching 

- Developing Employees 

- Difficult Interactions 

- Feedback Essentials 

- Global Collaboration 

- Hiring 

- Leading People 

- Performance Appraisals 

- Persuading Others 

- Retaining Employees 

- Team Creation 

- Team Management 

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Managing the Business

- Budgeting 

- Business Case Development 

- Business Plan Development 

- Crisis Management 

- Customer Focus 

- Decision Making 

- Diversity 

- Ethics at Work 

- Finance Essentials 

- Innovation & Creativity 

- Innovation Implementation 

- Marketing Essentials 

- Negotiating 

- Performance Management 

- Process Improvement 

- Project Management 

- Strategic Thinking 

- Strategy Planning &      


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Program Highlights

41 Modules 

-  Interactive exercises help     

    you  prepare for real-world 



-  Flexible features let you 

    follow your  own learning     



-  Downloadable tools 

    and templates you can use 

    right away


-  Engaging audio and video 

-  Online forum with answers 

    and advice from managers 

    like you!

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J. P. Morgan Business School 

Benefits and Advantages 

-  Harvard Curriculum 

-  Add a Prestigious MBA or DBA Credential to Your Resume

- Perfect Corporate Training Program

- Prepare for Business Leadership and Success

- Study from Home, Office, Online, or In-Class

- Prestigious Training Program for Key Employees

- Small Business CEO's: Improve Profitability, Reduce Stress,

   Better Organize Your Business

- Ideal for Small Business CEO's, Managers, Supervisors,

   Trainers, Business Coaches, Consultants, Advisers, Attorneys, CPA's

- Turbo Charge Your Career!

- Become an Adjunct Faculty Member

- Accelerated, Affordable, Accredited

- Finish in 20 Weeks or Less

- Learning that Will Shape Your Life

- An MBA Graduate Diploma More Valuable Than an MBA Degree!

J. P. Morgan Business School is a private, nonprofit, membership association and subsidiary of University Church.  Our mission is to offer graduate business education programs that are accredited, accelerated, and affordable!  

Traditional American higher education is a scam.  In the great American tradition of innovation and progress, we offer a better alternative for  business education at a fraction of the cost of traditional schools!

Shaping the 21st Century!

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